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CashTouch Half-Zip Sweater

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Color: almond
Model is 6’9, 250lb wearing a size 4XT


Designed with fit and comfort in mind, our quarter zip has the softness of cashmere with the incredible durability of premium merino wool. Knitted with a special technique, this sweater will retain its shape while remaining soft and airy after each use. Lightweight, warm and ideal for layering, this favorite will become your new go-to.

Our products are created with quality of work, sustainability, and respect for people in mind.

Materials & Care

  • Zip Closure
  • 100% Merino Wool
  • Imported

Hand wash. Dry Clean

Frequently Asked Questions

What can you style a half zip-up sweater with?

Pairing a men’s half zip sweater with a collared shirt or t-shirt is always timeless. You can wear this with any style of pants – jeans and chinos are often a favorite, and what you choose will alter the look you’re going for. Pair with some tailored, smart jeans to look good on any date or to make a great first impression, or with smart trousers to head to the office or to fill the ever-annoying ‘smart casual’ gap. A t-shirt and slouchy jeans on the weekend would even look great in the garden on a slightly chilled day.
The material for this half zip is light enough that you can easily add it under a winter coat as an extra layer – still looking like a proper outfit too, and not just a time when you’ve thrown everything you have on in an effort to stay warm.

What does size inclusive mean?

Size inclusive is our mission and our passion. We believe that anybody, no matter what their size, should be able to get comfortable and well-made clothes that are stylish and fashionable. Compromise should not be needed. All too often, people outside the average body measurement range struggle to find clothing in their size, let alone items which look nice and make them feel good about the way they look. We don’t think that’s fair and want it to change. This isn’t about making money or showing off for publicity – everyone should be able to find clothing that fits them, that’s great to look at, and that lasts a lifetime with good care. We think our cashmere half zip sweater fits all those requirements.

What size should you get in the half zip sweater?

Look at our size guide and talk to a customer service representative to get help regarding which size you should choose. With this half zip sweater for men, someone who is 6’3 and 190lbs can wear a size LT, while someone 6’9 and 250lbs will likely prefer a size 4XT. Our returns process is quick and easy so don’t worry about getting the wrong size when you first try our products. Exchanging is always simple, even if you just want a different color. If you know which particular occasion you want to wear our half zip sweater for, then you’ll know how you want it to look and feel. In general, this sweater should be worn close to the body but with some movement – rather than worn overly baggy.

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